We will be at the Frankfurt book fair this week! Opera Snapshot_2018-10-10_105510_www.buchmesse.de.png |
Check out https://havealook.me - the only visual way to privately co-share photos, media and files with your clients, friends and collaborators. Untitled |
Join the 5G infoday and meet us there to talk about media-rich applications Untitled |
IN2 is part of the NEM Steering Board Decfck1XcAA9WOC.jpg |
We are today at the Innovation Associate Seminar presenting ASSIGN IMG_20180530_092728_472.jpg |
Now it's our turn! EMMA presentation at #livinglabs in Pisa with tourism stakeholders https://t.co/6eM8KIsv7s
In Pisa today talking about how to get on top of the conversation and manage your real-time content #EMMA #livinglabs #tourism #storytelling Untitled |
At the #LivingLabs workshop in #Pisa Davide of Fondazione Sistema Toscana showcasing the new portal for tourism in #Tuscany http://visittuscany.com and the "MAKE" tool that powers it @VisitTuscany https://t.co/s5pXQLJZ6B
On my way to the @EMMA_H2020 #LivingLabs workshop in #Pisa. I'll be showcasing how tourism stakeholders can use #socialmedia tools to improve their marketing and communication https://t.co/ETuL7MQPdh
EMMA will partecipate at the two #livinglabs in Pisa, on 27th Feb and 6th Mar, speaking about social media and tourism. Will you join us? https://twitter.com/FSToscana/status/965600772506386432
Season's Greetings! Doodle a star and then make a wish https://in-two.com/seasons-greetings-2017 Untitled |
Final touches on the calendar for ASSIGN, a project of @in2_tweet in the @H2020SME Innovation Associate Programme. Many exciting projects and interesting people here! https://t.co/ogdksFqzpD
That's the view in Duesseldorf today at the ASSIGN innovation management seminar Untitled |
Social media, content and storytelling are not only the key topics of EMMA but also hot topics of the @NEM_Initiative - thus we had many good discussions at the #NEMsummit. Thank you to the organisers of the event. https://t.co/9cHbU7BRGE
Today and tomorrow @EMMA_H2020 is showing #NEMSummit17 participants in Madrid how they can feel the buzz around and tell more engaging stories. @NEM_Initiative https://t.co/5rknZPLcNf
EMMA is ready for #BTO2017! You can find us at the Innovation Arena at 9.45 https://t.co/JdPJtLEFYV
Getting ready for @EMMA_H2020 presentation in @buytourism #BTO2017 -- Come by today at 09:45 to learn more about storytelling for smart destinations. https://t.co/AJs31X3VTJ
Many happy people here preparing for the @EMMA_H2020 presentation in @SpringHouseAMS https://t.co/HCS9J2ebrv
Starting the EMMA project team meeting in #Amsterdam at @_Vandejong‘s Spring House #H2020 https://t.co/iAUBrY0bU7
Destination marketeers welcomed! Don't miss my #BTO2017 @EMMA_H2020 presentation at @buytourism on 29 November on how you can make content and storytelling work for your destination.
A packed room at the @ETAG_UK #techtourism17. Starting off with the impact of data in tourism https://t.co/7XFyoEFyYn
A good start to the day talking to the "neighbours" of @geotourism and the coffee sipping visitors #techtourism17 @ETAG_UK @EMMA_H2020 https://t.co/dOTfZvel7z
All set up at #techtourism17 - just 5 min to the official start of the day... With coffee and networking @EMMA_H2020 @ETAG_UK https://t.co/ojrRRN3kYA
On my way to @ETAG_UK Edinburgh Digital Solutions for Tourism Conference where I will give a sneak peak into @EMMA_H2020 #techtourism17 https://t.co/LoXYE4xt3v
The @EMMA_H2020 Workshop at @Book_Fair is coming to an end. It's now time to socialise and discuss about storytelling socialmedia #fbm17 https://t.co/ZxAhLnxNF5
Proud to be at the Kick-off meeting of @EU_EASME Innovation Associate Programme with a project from @in2_tweet https://t.co/SsMCgffqAT
Alexandru Stan talks Social Media. #emma #fbm17 https://t.co/HOLAyW07tv
The @EMMA_H2020 project presented by @AlexandruStan for the #fbm17 hotspot digital innovation tour https://t.co/Aj3Z4TyHB5
EMMA speech at #IF2017 in the session "New Frontiers of #Storytelling" https://t.co/HnO7S5Jczv
EMMA workshop is starting, we are on @intoscana media channels! https://t.co/TNFquCbjdX
Next stop for EMMA: @Book_Fair Frankfurt, Hot Spot Digital Innovation. Join us there, we´d love to meet you!https://emma.in-two.com/EMMA/post/41742968 https://t.co/snfaL8qkFF
Our @in2_tweet case study with the @DigiCatapult is now online. Learn more about the ways DigitalCatapult can help: https://www.digitalcatapultcentre.org.uk/case-study/in2/ https://t.co/9tdg9OUUr0
This year at the Frankfurt @Book_Fair our very own @AlexandruStan will present @EMMA_H2020 in Hall 6.2/D65: https://catalog.services.book-fair.com/en/exhibitors-and-directories/exhibitors-a-z/exhibitors-a-z-details/ID/763021/action/detail/controller/Exhibitors/ https://t.co/NYkwESpEUP
The @EMMA_H2020 poster presented at the @CloudWatchHub #Summit during the lunch break https://t.co/JwAm6656iR
The #EMMA Tour just started. First stop: Amsterdam, meeting @UnseenPlatform at @SpringHouseAMS https://t.co/1cIADHKRPq
Content Management and Storytelling for the Social World: Poster at Content-Based Multimedia Indexing Conference - CMBI 2017 - in Firenze Untitled |
In Florence for the EMMA project meeting. On Friday we will also meet with the industry advisory board. https://t.co/cf7pZrcAP0
Want to work with us? We are hiring! Untitled |
Meet George at #FEC1 @Fed4Fire Conference in Ghent to learn more about how we experimented with @docker containers in @mymeedia Untitled |
We were in Bucharest showcasing the outcomes of the SUPER research project Untitled |
Work in EMMA #H2020 project today at @Book_Fair in Frankfurt https://t.co/OnWFtHIBfd
Season's Greetings from the IN2 team. Please help us spread love and peace here: https://in-two.com/seasons-greetings-2016 Untitled |
George Ioannidis talking on challenges cloud service customers are facing @SLAReady Untitled |
We are at Naples testing use of social media in emergency scenarios Untitled |
IN2's SocialMap is one of the tools being used at the emergency simulation event in Sorrento. Untitled |
The Europeana Space Meeting in Berlin Untitled |
The Trusted Cloud HII meeting started at SICS premises in the hi-tech area of Kista. https://t.co/RvKN74STpo
The news about TRUSTY are out and available. Read the full article here: http://trustedcloudnews.eu/new_09/ Untitled |