Christmas lights at Utrechtstraat Untitled |
Bregenzerwald as seen from {Brüggelekopf}
It starts well: got the spacious suite in the hotel and this will be my view for the next days in {Lisbon}
That's the meeting place of the day for @SUPER_FP7 project {NTUA, Athens}
Look at #myoffice for today! With a wrapped server to lean on (btw, this thing is damn heavy) {Bremen}
An early start today #byelindau {Lindau}
{Paris} from above
A super shiny day in {Edinburgh} today! And it will be so the whole week, they say...
A lovely day in Edinburgh today too
An experiment to collect energy inside Glasgow university
Inside Glasgow University
A wonderful day skiing in {Schoppernau}
View to {Belfast} from the docks
Massive platform on repair at the {Belfast} docks
The Titanic museum in {Belfast}
Is this snow up the hill? {Belfast}
The morning's view of {Belfast} from the Days Hotel
I love this slow lift in {Alberschwende}. Gives you the time to make photos and admire the nature.
Sunrise over the roofs of {Aachen}
Perfect weather for work {Lindau}
Greetings from {Lindau} today at the #Kinderfest #bridgehello
The view from the bridge in {Lindau} #bridgehello
A calm and cloudy afternoon in {Thessaloniki} looking over the promenade
The alps from the airplane SKG - MUC today. Somewhere above {Schladming}
City view from the 7th floor {Makedonia Palace, Thessaloniki}
All airports are ugly on their airside {Munich Airport}
Just in case ... {Net7, Pisa}
Thanks to @lucadex I found "Tuttomundo", the last public work of Keith Haring on my way back from #stom_eu {Pisa}
Another view of the city from {Ponte di Mezzo, Pisa}
Cityscape next to Arno river from {Ponte di Mezzo, Pisa}
See how an engineering disaster made it to a touristic attraction {Leaning Tower, Pisa}
Looking over the Arno river from {Ponte Solferino, Pisa}
St George name day today and I got a cake! {Lindau}
Spring came to {Lindau}
The sun gets down in {Lindau} #bridgehello
What a view! Probably the last #snow of the season came down this week. And I have to leave. #byelindau {Lindau}
#streetart in {Rome}
Still in {Frankfurt airport} but ready to board for Edinburgh! @astan how does it look over there?
Free again | #paraglide in {Diedamskopf}
Free like a bird | #paraglide in {Diedamskopf}
Another #phone #box in {Hamburg} ! Apparently not all have a mobile phone yet.
Making it to the top of #Diedamskopf | {Schoppernau}
Will you believe me if I tell you that my #phone is a #tablet ? See this #box | #followthephoneboxes {Lindau}
Ready to dive into fresh #snow at {Hochhäderich}
Last year's #snow in the garden -- we see it this year only in photos
From Bodensee to #Alster {Hamburg} today!
Extending @rutenioh!/photo/26173 - left side {Frankfurt}
The roofs of {Lindau}